By The Phoenix Star's Journey So Far..✨

Currently based in Pembrokeshire, Wales my passion to make the beautiful followed me from England. I have always been creatively inclined exploring various means of expression throughout the years from playing the flute, drawing, basket making, wire sculpture, photography all of which eventually lead me to jewellery making. Infactuated with the world of crystal healing, magic & mystery my journey began as a personal hobby turning my beloved treasures in to wearable Pendant pieces. My craving to wear crystals still was not satisfied which was when I began exploring making rings, bracelets and earrings initially out of copper and eventually moving on to working with sterling silver. My imagination started wandering dreaming up new ideas for how to create not just jewellery but gemstone tree sculptures and more recently crystal dreamcatchers.My goal has simply become to make creations for people that are both beautiful, unique, metaphysically healing and to turn my passion into an income.